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are these people stupid or are they stupid. this has to be a joke right?


'after' the fic is just as disgusting as after being made into a movie. fiction or non-fiction, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, and just abuse in general happens to real people every single fucking day, and the fact that after glorifies it is beyond disgusting. it not only promotes that…

My thoughts on why After shouldn’t become a movie (and how it should be deleted from the internet and discontinued)


Bare with me here, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

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i hope the writer of After sees this and stops it from becoming a movie

im annoyed. i don’t care how “amazing” this After fanfic apparently is and I TRULY hope it does not become a damn movie. i can only imagine how harry is going to feel if he ever finds out about it. yeah the name would be changed if it does happen, but still. this is all a big damn mistake. i have no words for this fandom sometimes.

think of all the glorious selfies bill is gonna post in the future guys

first selfie with mr. @rafaeljamal #rafaeljamal #selfie #firstselfie #cityboys #driving #thirddayoninstagram



I manage to turn everything into crap wow

yes that’s called digestion

  • my 18 year old brother while standing in the ocean: there's so much water


people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important


how to be a lil bitch:

  1. look like u
  2. act like u
  3. smell like u
  4. dance like u
  5. talk like u
  6. u


but if a playground doesn’t have swings is it really even a playground. or is it just. a disappointment


sometimes i forget how old i am and i try to do things i used to do as a kid and i just



wish i was witty and cute but instead im sarcastic and annoying